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Spiral Conveyor

Spiral ConveyorOur company is engaged in providing a new concept in India for vertical conveying system. This conveying system is based on low friction chain slat arrangement. This Spiral Conveyor is known for its low maintenance, less space requirement and low power consumption. It also has high on output capacity. Furthermore, our product is also called, spiral elevators, spiral or case lifts and spiral lower actors.

High Throughput
The conveyor systems used for conveying loads in continuous flow with high throughput capacity. The standard load capacity is 25Kg/ per linear foot of conveyor for speeds up to 100 feet per minute.

One Drive
This conveyor system is driven on only one drive motor, whether unit is of several storey tall.

Small Footprint
The Loknath Spiral Conveyors have the smallest footprint available and therefore provide substantial space savings compared to conventional methods. Several standard sizes are available and the outside diameter varies depending on the size of loads to be handled.

Overlapping Slats
Overlapping Slats is used to provide a smooth efficient conveying surface to the system which helps in handling of loads efficiently. These Overlapping Slats are manufactured by using fiberglass reinforced Polyamide and are available in varied widths such as 8", 12", 16", 20" and 26". It can also be furnished with friction inserts to accommodate slick products.

Spiral Conveyor

Low Angle of Incline
It got the standard angle of inclination which is in between 9 and 11 degrees. It protects the systems against loads sliding or tumbling during operation.

Easy to Install
Spiral Conveyor is most shipped in on piece, therefore it helps in reducing the time and cost of the installation.

Low Maintenance
Our range of products is designed for longer service life and low maintenance. Excellent quality components are used for manufacturing of this product. Roller bearing are lubricated and sealed for life time. The slats and carriers can easily be replaced as single components without the use of special tools and hence required very less maintenance.

Several Spiral Conveyor Models
Our range of Spiral Conveyors is available in different models so as to meet the needs of the industry. These spirals go up or down and are made reversible.

Custom Vertical Solutions
Our company is indulged in providing our range of Spiral Conveyors in various standard models. Our product can be customized according to the requirements of the customers. It is available in painted stainless steel, carbon steel or wash down versions which are ideally suitable for food handling. Furthermore, Spiral Conveyors can also be customized for low temperature and freezer applications.

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