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Overhead Conveyor / 3 Wheel

We offer MONO-O-VEYOR Overhead Conveyor System, which is cost effective and exceptionally conveyor system. This system is capable in solving all types of material handling requirements of different industries e.g. Tea factories, Automobile, Tractors, Leather industries, Ceramics, Cement, paper, Cchemical etc. This system saves cost, as this is easy to maintain and considerably save floor space to increase labour productivity

Main Advantages
Equipment Specifications:

The Overhead Conveyor system moves by caterpillar or sprocket type drive unit. There is a 1 HP or 2 HP TEFC motor that transmits the motion to speed gearboxes through �V� Belts. The speed can also be regulated as per the necessity using other variable-speed-motors.

The output shaft of the speed Gearbox is fitted with a shear pin sprocket. This output shaft transmits motion to dog-chain or sprocket and directly engages two sets of trolleys at a time. It permits a relative motion between trolleys distributing drive power equally and automatically to monorail ensuring continuous movement of the system.

Tea Conveyor

Conveyor Chain
Mono�O�Veyor system is provided with bi-planner type three, four and five wheel chain & trolleys having 6", 9", 12", 9" and 15" pitch. Working tension (ALLOWABLE PULL) of the chain is 350 kg and the breaking load is 3500kg.

We have a team of experienced staff to provide post-sale service to make the existing conveyor running perfectly. In addition, we also provide all the necessary spares made of high-grade steel. We provide total services job on annual basis that includes overhauling motor and gearbox.

Overhead Conveyor / 3 Wheel

We are offering industrial overhead conveyor systems in vertical shape.

Industrial Overhead Conveyor Systems

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